Docebo and Woo-commerce integration

Guaranteed efficient growth for RQC Group’s online training initiatives

RQC Group, headquartered in London with an office in New York and founded in 2007, is an industry-leading financial compliance company that offers FCA, SEC and CFTC/NFA compliance consulting, regulatory hosting and e-Learning services. RQC Group also provides e-Learning compliance training programmes that use Docebo LMS. RQC Group’s online training programme initially used Docebo’s e-Commerce app. After a while, it became apparent that selling courses via Docebo was not efficient enough when companies wanted to purchase training programmes that had to be used by multiple employees at the same time.

Docebo and Woo-commerce integration guarantees efficient growth for RQC Group’s online training initiatives

A good reputation for sound advice

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates financial companies that offer consumer services, in addition to sustaining the integrity of the financial market in the United Kingdom. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the American government’s watchdog organisation for the various stock exchanges. RQC Group has grown to become a highly respected compliance consultancy firm in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Docebo and Woo-commerce integration guarantees efficient growth for RQC Group’s online training initiatives

Growth obstacles

Over the years, RQC Group had been adding Docebo e-Learning solutions to its services and the extensive expertise of RQC Group is also incorporated into these e-Learning training programmes. The initial twelve training programmes developed around the new Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) regulations were offered via the Docebo e-commerce solution. Individual users never encountered any problems when purchasing these training programmes, but companies wanting to purchase multiple training programmes soon faced a particular problem. As an immediate solution to overcome this barrier to entry, the client had to collect the employee details in an Excel sheet, which was then forwarded to RQC Group where it was processed manually.

This called for a more efficient method, especially when RQC Group decided to expand its initial focus on the SMCR training programmes with additional programmes focusing on FCA and SEC compliance, financial crime, and cyber security. In addition, this manual data processing method significantly limited the company’s future growth and scalability.

Use of Educontinu

After a first LMS Health Check, Educontinu identified the bottlenecks in the Docebo structure used by RQC Group. Possible improvements were labelled and integrated into an optimal user experience solution. This solution focussed on both optimising the client experience and the most efficient operational structure for administrators.

Following our advice, the points of improvement were discussed and realised step by step. Adjustments were implemented in the addressing and branding, the setting of enrolment rules, and the automated sending of notifications – everything to stimulate the sales of online training programmes.

With the integration that was implemented between WordPress and WooCommerce, companies can now easily purchase multiple training programmes at the same time on the RQC Group e-commerce-enabled website, including automated volume dicounts, without any manual intervention required. Employees are also registered automatically and linked to the training programme they need to complete as part of this e-commerce purchase process. Additionally, Educontinu also provided a link with TrustPilot and Webhooks to tigger automated course-review emails on completion of courses, while we support RQC Group with its day-to-day administration, the use of, and any technical hiccups with Docebo LMS.

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