About Educontinu

Your consultancy partner

Educontinu is a consultancy located in the Netherlands with a team of specialists who have over 25 years of experience in implementing and developing online solutions for knowledge management and learning used across Europe.

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We help you to transform learning to business impact

We are deeply passionate about transforming corporate learning into a competitive advantage, building upon your existing infrastructure to drive measurable business value.

  • We inspire your organisation to rediscover what corporate learning could be
  • We align business strategy and learning to create an unbeatable competitive advantage
  • We consolidate your learning activities to maximise impact
  • We transform your skill development capabilities to master the digitalised world of tomorrow
  • We sustain your transformation to maximise the return on your learning transformation investment


Depending on what’s needed, Educontinu supports organisation in creating e-learning and blended learning programs, organising expert knowledge being captured, shared or reused and in facilitating social & continues learning as part of daily work.

E-learning co-creation